Avon Adapt Dream Night Cream -50ml


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About me:

Let’s chat about the perimenopause.

The perimenopause is the transition stage before the menopause (around age 40-50). It’s rarely discussed, despite the huge emotional and physical effects. It can have a negative effect on your skin too, with side effects including skin ageing, dryness and sensitivity.

Meet Adapt, the skincare collection formulated for perimenopausal skin problems. Adapt is brimming with botanical adaptogens that bring calm and balance to the skin from the fluctuations in hormones during the perimenopause. This moisturiser will work the night shift to help double your collagen production and calm your skin, with a dreamy scent to help you sleep.

Product specification:

• Night cream formulated for perimenopausal skin.
• Dermatologist tested.
• With the gentle scent of gentle lavender and jasmine.
• 50ml.

How to use me:

Smooth over cleansed face and neck before bed and prepare to drift off with the aid of the dreamy scent.

*Based on testing on skin cells.