Avon Anew Revival Lip Treatment


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About me:

Keep lips hydrated, smooth and transformed with our Revival Serum Moisturising Lip Balm treatment. It’s clear formula is infused with the 72-hour hydro* power of a lip serum, so your lips stay hydrated even after removal or reapplication.

Product specification:

• Retexturing AHAs.

• 7x more moisturising glycerine*.

• 72-hour hydro power, so your lips stay hydrated even after removal*.

How to use me:

Apply and reapply without the worry of dry, flaky lips. Thanks to its super-hydrating formula, this lip balm treatment will keep your lips in tip-top condition***.

*Moisture stays locked in with repeated use over 4 weeks based on consumer study of 107 participants.

**Compared to Avon Anew Youth Awakening Lipstick.

***Based on clinical efficacy study with 43 participants.

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