Avon Eve Truth Perfumed Body Spray – 75ml

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About me:

Be true and captivate your natural self with a perfume combining juicy pomegranate, tender peony and sweet cedarwood to amplify your authenticity. It’s your spirit, your truth, your path.

• Pomegranate
• Peony
• Cedarwood

How to use me:

Be captivated by the stunning scents for longer by pairing the body spray with the matching body lotion and beautiful perfume.

Eve Truth Eau de Parfum – What our buyers say…

We asked over 200 perfume lovers to blind test Avon bestsellers against luxury brands and this is what they had to say:

70%* liked it as much as Marc Jacobs Daisy!

Eve Truth EDP 50ml – Currently £10.50 – Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP 50ml – £58†

“I liked this fragrance and have abandoned my usual perfume for this!” Margaret, Kent, Blind Test Participant

“I really liked the scent and I could put it on in the morning and still smell it in the evening. You can’t always get that staying power with luxury brands!” Suzanne, Devon, Blind Test Participant

“This is one of the loveliest fragrances I have worn! So gentle and floral, you have a smile when you have it on. I loved it and would give it as a present for friends and family too. It’s just the best!”Veronica, West Midlands, Blind Test Participant

*Based on an online consumer study with 221 respondents. †Prices sourced from on 31.01.2020.