Avon Far Away Purse Sprays Set


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About me:

Transport your senses to a land where anything is possible with the dreamy perfumes in the Far Away Purse Sprays Set, featuring your favourite fragrances from your No.1 fragrance brand. With the timeless scent of Far Away, bold Rebel, luxurious Glamour and the daring Rebel & Diva fragrances for your every mood.

Product specification:

• Bestselling Far Away perfumes.
• 4 gorgeous purse sprays.
• 10ml each, perfect for on-the-go.

How to wear me:

Pop the Far Away perfume of the day into your bag and get ready to take on the day. They’re the perfect size for a spritz of perfume when you’re out and about or off for a holiday.

Additional Info:

Includes Far Away, Rebel, Glamour and Rebel & Diva EDP Purse Sprays 10ml each.