Avon Ultimate Pamper Set


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About me:
Give the Ultimate Pamper Set and let your loved one relax and enjoy some much-needed me-time. They’ll find everything they need to feel fabulous from top-to-toe!

What’s included:
• 1 x Vanilla & Sandalwood Scented Spritz 100ml.
• 1 x Absolute Nourishment Bi-Phase Treatment Spray 100ml.
• 1 x Blissfully Nourishing Bath & Shower Oil 150ml.
• 1 x Precious Oils White Peach & Vanilla Orchid Shower Crème 250ml.
• 1 x Softening Moisture with Macadamia Body Lotion 400ml.
• 1 x Softening Moisture with Macadamia Hand Cream 75ml.
• 1 x Vanilla Cupcake Bubble Bath 500ml

How to use me:
Scented Spritz: To use as a body spray, spritz onto clean, dry skin. To use as a room spray, spritz around your home but do not spray directly on wooden furniture. To use as a linen spray, spritz this non-staining formula lightly onto fabric.

Treatment Spray: Use before or after washing hair, shake well and spray evenly over lengths and ends.

Bath & Shower Oil: Add to a bath or apply directly to skin for softening, smoothing moisture.

Shower Crème: Massage the mild formula into wet skin and rinse away for gently cleansed skin every day.

Body Lotion: Apply generously all over skin.

Hand Cream: Apply to hands and massage in.

Bubble Bath: Pour 1 to 2 capfuls into running water and enjoy the blissful bubbles.