Avon #Girls Rule Body Mist with Verbena & Green Tea 100ml


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All you need to know:Sis… it’s your season… so readjust your crown and keep it fresh and fabulous with our Green Tea & Verbena Body Mist. Made for teen skin, this green tea-infused fragrance spray gives your skin the exhilarating feel and scent you crave. There’s something about it that just hits different. Try it out!100ml  Why you’ll love it:Perfect for teen-sensitive skin. We know, the struggle is real.Scents without irritating.Gentle enough to use every day.  How to use it:Make the switchDitch your heavy perfume for this light and refreshing one. Spritz it onUse it at home and pop it in your gym bag. It’s made for girls on the move. Get ‘em allUse the matching shower gel and body lotion as well to give your skin what it really needs. What’s in:Green tea for a fresh and invigorating feel. What’s out:Scented body sprays that irritate teen skin.