Avon #Girls Rule Shower Gel with Verbena & Green Tree


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All you need to know:In your teen dream era? Yes girl! Check out our Green Tea & Verbena Shower Gel that’s unapologetically fun and chilled – just like you. Made with teen skin in mind, this green tea-infused body wash kicks dirt to the curb without sucking the moisture out of it. You’ll be filing this under ‘skin obsessed’ after the first wash. Trust!250ml  Why you’ll love it:Perfect for teen-sensitive skin. We know, the struggle is real.Cleanses whilst quenching.Gentle enough to use every day.  How to use it:Lather upDrop a teeny bit onto a wet washcloth, sponge or straight into your hands. Lather up and rinse off. Stay freshUse it in the morning, after gym practice and before bed. InvestUse the entire range to give your skin what it really needs. What’s in:Green tea for thorough cleansing with a gentle touch. What’s out:Harsh shower gels that do more harm than good.